01 April 2013

Kick A** April

Let's face it, the almost 4-month-long winter that Luke and I have endured hasn't had the best effect on my body or fitness routine. If I was still in Texas, I would have started my bikini regimen 2 months ago because the sun would have been shining and the weather would be awesome (= running outside). However, between chilly temperatures, Luke having the car until 10pm every night, and my constantly changing work schedule, my workout routine has suffered (not for lack of trying, I swear). 

The other day, I hopped on Pinterest for a couple of minutes and immediately noticed a fitness pin called "Kick Ass April." See below. It gives you a month-long fitness plan that you can do in your house without weights. It's not a super long workout, but I'm adding it to the 2-3 runs I plan on fitting into my schedule starting this week. Squats, burpees (love to hate burpees), and wall-sits. The perfect workout to tone your entire body! 


I'm a little behind, so I'm hoping "Kick Ass April" will jump start my bikini body workout. Summer is just a short two months away! What are you doing to get bikini ready? I'd love to hear any other recommendations you may have!

Happy Monday y'all. :)

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