09 June 2013

Local art show + Morristown adventures

This afternoon, right after church, Luke and I were driving home and noticed an art show going on just a few blocks down the street from our apartment. An art show featuring local art, plus some homemade goodies, jewelry, etc? We were sold! So, we went home, put the pups on their leashes, and walked back down the street to see what kind of trouble we could get into...:)

{Lunch right after church. We love summer and sitting outside for lunch!}

{This is what my husband does EVERY TIME I ask him to take a pic with my iPhone...}

{Exploring new places around out little town}

{Loved the art show! I will buy local art over mass produced art every day of the week. Luke and I walked away with 4 pieces that we're going to hang in our apartment like a collage. I also bought some homemade body butter that smelled like honeysuckle. I can't wait to use it!!}

So far, Luke and I are loving summer in Morristown! Every weekend there is something going on, and even if nothing is going on, there is always NYC just a few miles away. Finally, we're smack dab in the middle of our favorite season. :)

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