23 June 2013

InstaLately + A Shameless Plug(lovin')

1) Sunset on my way to the gym last week.
2) Husband has been on a Subway kick. Since I get bored with sandwiches, salads it is!
3) $6 at Target for 4 pair of colorful socks. Whatever it takes to get me motivated for a good run. :)
4) We discovered a pet-friendly restaurant right down the road from us and the furbabies LOVE it!
5) So, we visited twice. 
6) This sweet guy gave me a massage after I slept on my neck wrong.
7) Isn't he cute? Video watchin' on the Mac.
8) These beauties didn't have a choice. They were coming home with me.
9) Did you watch Nik Wallenda walk the skyline? I seriously couldn't breathe the entire time!

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  1. Lovin the instas! Those peonies look beautiful! Jealous!




    1. Aww, thanks Jordan! Peonies are my FAV!

  2. Ok, your life just looks oh so fabulous! :) I'm a bit jealous. And I want to meet your dogs, and I'm not usually a dog person.

    Words as Palindromes

    1. Oh girl, I don't know about all that! :) And our dogs would LOVE to meet you!!


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