08 February 2010

Recent thoughts

In looking back at my old posts, I am realizing that my blog is turning into something that resembles a wedding blog. I did not mean for this to happen, but since it has, I'm kind of excited! Now, when I look back at my blog after the wedding is long over, I can read about my crazy experience from the proposal to the honeymoon. So, this may turn into a blog more for myself than for anyone else, but who cares right? It's my blog, after all. Thanks to all you loyal followers who don't mind listening to me gush over this incredible time in my life; I promise to keep it light! The next 6 months will fly by quickly and it's my goal to take it all in while being appreciative of the whirlwind:)

Here's something else I've been thinking about lately. I really hate driving people crazy. Despite popular belief, I don't LIKE to ask a lot of questions or call you a millions times, whoever you are. I feel like I've been doing this too much lately and I know it's a turn off to most people. The only person that let's me talk and talk, even though I know even he has a breaking point, is Luke. Sweet boy, he loves me so much so he just takes it. But it's a bad sign when even Luke is tired of me. So, to all of you who have heard from me multiple times via the phone, Facebook, my blog, whatever, I'ms sorry for driving you crazy. I know when I get caught up in wedding planning, internship issues, and life, it is that same handful of people that suffer. Know that I love you all very much and that's why I come to you seeking advice or someone to listen. It's because I care about your opinion. Sorry again; I'll try to take it down a notch:)

In recent wedding news, my mom and I talked for like 2 or 3 hours on Sunday about our newest To-Do list and there is lots to be done! Here is the list I made and also sent my momma a copy of:

1) Order save-the-dates (this is happening SOON!)
2) Talk to the florist
3) Look into a videographer
4) Look into a place for the rehearsal dinner
5) Find a band/DJ
6) Ask the ceremony musicians to sing/play instruments
7) Finalize the guest list
8) Book the hotel rooms for out of town guests

I know there is more, but I'm forgetful right now. I'm currently fighting off a cold, so my mind is going blank. Oh well, lots to be done! :) Back to my to-do list and fighting off the urge to call a million people. No more driving my loved ones up a wall. It's tough with my big, talkative mouth, but I'm practicing self-control:)


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