28 July 2010

Branson, Day 3: I jumped!

Today was our second full day in Branson and day three of the Martisek Family Vacation. It has also been my favorite day so far! This morning we saw the show Jeerk. It was fabulous! Jeerk is a Swedish rhythm artist group of 5 guys that tap, sing, dance, play instruments, etc. Check out this video of them from YouTube:

After the show, dad dropped the girls off at the outlet mall and he went back to the hotel to take a nap. We dominated Banana Republic and checked out a few other stores. I bought a cute blue and white cotton dress and a black, one-shoulder top. I also found a cute new purse and wallet at Fossil. I love shopping on vacation! We didn't have too much time though, because our stomaches wouldn't let us forget we hadn't eaten lunch yet. So, we called dad to come pick us up and we all headed to Fudruckers. After lunch, we went to the bumper car race track (always a hit with the Martiseks). In the first round of racing, I held the lead until the last couple of seconds when Claire crashed her car in front of me, allowing Becca to take the lead. Punk! 

{Ready to ride!}

{A little dramatic, maybe?}

After a few rounds of racing cars in the heat, we got worn out and headed back to the hotel. Dad was ready for another nap, but us girls weren't done shopping. So...back to the mall we went! All of us need a new dress for events coming up this fall, so we headed to BCBG: FinalCut. I found a cute gray cocktail dress, but it was a miracle considering that the dressing room was super hot. (Girls, you know what I mean right? If a dressing room is hot, this makes it extremely frustrating to try on clothes) None the less, we still had a successful round 2 of shopping!

After we'd worn out the credit cards, we picked up dad from the hotel and did something I NEVER thought I'd agree to doing. Since we've been in Branson, we've probably driven by a place called the Ozark Mountain Skycoaster about a bajillion times. It's a mix of bungee jumping, zip lining, and free falling from about 200 ft. The jumper is attached to a bungee cord and pulled up 200 ft. Then, a string is pulled and the jumper free falls/rocks 180 degrees the opposite direction and then back until the swinging stops. I about peed my pants just watching another tourist jump! But then Emily and Claire decided they were going to take the risk and jump. Becca, mom, dad, and I stood by and video recorded while Emily and Claire went through the process of being strapped in, pulled up and dropped. They screamed the entire way down; this was quite entertaining. Of course, if Emily and Claire could do it, so could Becca and I:) We were up next!

{Becca and I getting strapped in}

{About ready to go up...}

{Starting to get a little anxious at this point}

{WAY up there! I'm about to pull the string...}

{And I'm freeeee! Free fallin'!!!}

{Happy to be alive!}

We wrapped up the day with a fabulous dinner at Olive Garden. My poor, embarrassed mother...we can't go out to eat anywhere without my father making friends with the waiter. I mean, good friends. He asks them about their life, how they got to Branson, how their family is, etc. It's really funny actually. Tonight, it was Pete's turn and he was a good sport. Pete the waiter was from Macedonia and his wife worked with him at Olive Garden. They were too cute! Oh dad, you keep it interesting:)

I think we're all pretty beat and ready for a good night's sleep. Emily is already out and I'm not far behind her. I'm sure I'll be posting more tomorrow. Goodnight everyone!

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