30 July 2010

Martisek Vacation Wrap-Up

I'm back in Texas, praise the Good Lord! My family and I are currenty in the road between Houston and Hallettsville. Yup, I'm blogging from my iPhone while dad drives. Our week-long vacation in Branson, Missouri was fun, but I'm definitely glad to be less than an hour from my parents' house. 14 hours in a suburban with 5 other people always makes for interesting stories later!

This vacation was really good for me. It was nice to get out if Corpus for a little bit and just refocus. I've been a little stressed out lately. I'm the kind of stresser that can make herself sick worrying about things. I know...I need to work on this... But with me wrapping up my job with McLeod Creative, applying to grad school, looking for another full and/or part time job, and freelancing, I guess I've just been really scared that I may or make not be making the right decision(s) for my career, future, life, etc. Vacation took my mind off of my worries for a little while. It was nice to just play and hang out.

Vacationing with my family at my age has many similarities and differences compared to when we were little. First off, we still drive everywhere. My dad does not fly. Ever. Before we hit the road, someone always prays for safe travels. We still stop every hour and a half for a restroom break. I mean, there's six of us:) And no matter where we are in our lives, we will always argue for a bucket seat versus the backseat. Some things never change!

However, some things have. This time around, mom and dad had a seperate room from the four girls. My sweet daddy is tight with his money, so we usually get one big room and someone ends up on the floor each night. Not this time, thank goodness! This change may sound funny to you, but it's a big one in my opinion: we are all allowed to order whatever we'd like to drink at meals. Now this has been the case for a little while, but for the LONGEST time when the waitress would come to take our drink order, my dad would say six waters. Yup, that's my dad! It's still weird to order a glass of wine at dinner with my parents. And of course, Becca wouldn't survive without a Dr. Pepper with every meal, ha! Instead of packing our discmans, each of us has an iPhone. Any one of the six of us could take a turn driving if needed. Vacationing with my family has changed, but I love the way we've grown and I cherish the things that will never change.

Well, I'm going to get back to watching Friends on my iPhone. It's a favorite car past time of mine. I'm headed to Corpus in the morning and I can't wait to see Luke and Brooklyn!

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