28 July 2010

Branson, Day 2

{The girls outside of Red Lobster after lunch}

Day 2 of the Martisek Family Vacation to Branson, Missouri is officially over. We drove for 15ish hours on Monday to get here (with about 10 pit stops that slowed us down quite a bit). Today, we saw two shows, Legends in Concert and Cirque Montage, and explored Branson. We stopped by a couple of antique stores and I bought an aqua mason jar. I know that sounds random, but I've been looking for one for a DIY project I want to try out. I'm not quite sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow, but I'm sure it will include another show and a couple of museums. I'll keep you posted!

{My jar doesn't look exactly like these, but its close. I LOVE it!}

Brooklyn has been staying with Luke out at camp since I've been gone. I'll get her back on Saturday, but until then she's hanging with her daddy, playing with the camp nurse's dog, Charlene, and participating in other camp dogish things. Every day Luke sends me a couple of new pictures of her; it's pretty cute. He loves having her out there with him. I wonder if he'll give her back once I get home...

{She's having a good time out at camp!}

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