23 July 2010

Exit 123 for FUN!

Ok, cheesy title for the blog post, I know. But I'm SO excited for the fun I will be experiencing in the near future! The only (small) problem is that I have to drive long distances to get there, but oh well. I'm still pumped!
Luke and I are headed to Fiesta Texas tomorrow!!! I'm extra excited for this adventure because we've been talking about going to Fiesta Texas all summer. Two summers ago we hit up Sea World with Luke's best Friend, Jay, and Jay's fiance, Morgan. Although J&M can't go with us this time around, we're still anticipating Fiesta Texas as if we were seven years old! The only thing I'm worried about is Luke's anticipation of my riding the crazy rides. I'm a chicken and he's a daredevil. Last time we went to a theme park, I didn't ride all of the rides with him and he was less than proud of me. I promised that this time I'd ride every ride with him. Unfortunately, I know what I've gotten myself into. Wish me luck! I may be puking by the end of our trip:)
Next week, I'm headed to Branson, Missouri with my family. The WHOLE gang. In a suburban. For 9 hours. This one needs more than luck, it needs prayers, HA! Don't get me wrong, I'm excited, just not about the drive up there. For some reason, my dad LOVES Branson. We'll see live shows, visit theme parks, and go to museums. This trip will be special because it's not every day that all 6 of us are together for more than a day. I'm a little sad that I have to leave Brooklyn behind because our hotel is not pet friendly. However, she's going to be staying with Luke out at camp and there is no one else I'd trust her with for an entire week. She'll have a ball sleeping in the bed with him (I don't let her do this yet), playing with the camp nurse's dog, Charlene, and being loved on by the Zephyr staff. Watch out Branson, here comes the Martisek Family!
I'l sure there will be multiple blog posts from all of the fun. Stay tuned!

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