06 August 2010

Playing dress-up

I've never been a morning person. So, when I heard my alarm go off at 4 a.m. this morning, I was less than thrilled. But I still got up, took a shower, blowed my hair dry, and got in my car to head to the Solomon P. Ortiz Center. Why, you might ask? Because I had agreed to dressing up like a bride to promote The Engagement Party, a bridal fair hosted by La De Da...Events coming up this Sunday in Corpus Christi. How is it that I've gotten sucked into the bridal world of South Texas??

[Side note: So I started working at The One Bride Guide as a sales executive after graduation. Then this past week, after my time with The One was over, I was asked to be an office assistant (and decorator, coordinator, helper-outer) part-time for La De Da...Events, one of the largest and most popular event decorating companies in Corpus Christi. I had met Leana, the owner, through my job at The One. Although I'm also working as a freelance marketing consultant and still applying for full-time jobs, I can't seem to get out of the bridal world. Is this a sign?]

I arrived at the Ortiz Center at 4:53 a.m. and was in a wedding dress by 5:15 a.m. There had been a little miscommunication, so the hair and make-up ladies were running late. All I have to say is that on the day of my actual wedding, things better go WAY smoother than they did today! The dress that I wore was a size too small and had a corset. After the sweet lady sewed me up in that thing, I began to wonder if my body would forever take a new shape once I was released from the death jaws of that dress! While I was struggling to breathe, one lady was pulling on my hair, trying to get it into an up-do, while I had another lady air-brushing my make-up. This was my first time to have air-brush make-up done and I have to say, that was AMAZING! My make-up looked so smooth and flawless. And it sort of feels like someone is spraying your face with a mister, except its not water, it's make up! I wish I had someone to air-brush my make-up everyday, ha!

The crew with KIII-TV was really sweet and we had a lot fun talking in-between segments. My friend Aubrey, who is the event coordinator/wedding planner for the Ortiz Center, was interviewed and did a great job! Overall, although we didn't see the sun rise until about 6:15 a.m., it was fun morning. Here are a couple of pictures from my KIII debut (because they were taken w/an iPhone, the pictures don't do the make-up justice):

{This dress looks nothing like my actual wedding dress, so it was fun to play dress up! My real dress still wins though}

{Air-brush make-up!}

{Aubs and I. We're famous, ha!}


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  2. 1) umm...yea...you're original, takes the cake....i still tear up thinking about it, lol
    2) even in a sub-par dress...you still make a beautiful bride :)


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