19 August 2010

Coffee, the sniffles, and shopping!

Heeeellllppppppp!!! I just ran out of K-cups for my Keurig!!! This must be fixed, STAT! I can't got without coffee...I can't go without coffee...I can't go without coffee...(head twitching, hands shaking).

Seriously, I have an addiction. :)

In other bummed out news, I'm sick. Blah. I woke up on Tuesday not feeling so great. My throat was a little scratchy, but I figured this would go away as the day wore on. Nope! I started taking medicine yesterday and when I woke up this morning, my body told me that it was official. Headache, congestion, sore throat = 2 Dayquil, 1 Echinacea, and a cup of rooibos tea. I'm about to drink my LAST cup of coffee, that is, until I get to Bed Bath & Beyond to get more K-cups. When I'm sick, I like to drink anything warm to sooth my throat. I know I should be drinking water (thanks mom!), but coffee is a "comfort food" of mine. Sad, I know, but I'm not ashamed!

Speaking of shopping, I must tell you of my good fortune with shopping lately! I've always loved Ann Taylor LOFT. In fact, before I moved to New York last spring I practically bought out every LOFT store in the state of Texas (Once again, thanks mom!). But being a recent college graduate and budgeting life a little differently these days doesn't allow for purchasing clothes all too regularly. But alas! I have a secret to share with you. Ann Taylor LOFT in Corpus Christi has FABULOUS sales all the time! Back in June I bought a pair of jeans at ATL for $3. A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a $98 dress I was eying last spring for $3.42. I also bought a cute white blouse for $3.42 and a pair of peachy-pinkish shorts for $6. Most recently, I purchased two (very different) grey skirts for work and a coral top for $3.66 each! Crazy, huh?! I don't know what it is about this particular store, but if you wait long enough, they will put "Final Sale" tags on some of the cutest pieces and there is always another 25 or 30% off. I love that Ann Taylor LOFT is helping me to dress like a cute business woman without breaking the bank!

In all of my saving money by shopping at LOFT, I did "splurge" just a little. I needed a new pair of black pumps, so I hopped over to Macy's. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of the shoes I bought on their website. But here is a picture of my new shoes' twin. They look just like this:

I love that they have a little bit of a platform because I'm a shorty. :)

And last, but certainly not least, look at how big Brooklyn has gotten! I can't believe she's been in my life for over 2 months now. When I took these pictures, she started barking at me, ha! She's such a booger. :)

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