14 August 2010

She's a big kid now!

My 16-week old puppy does two things very well: jumping and barking.

Here are the many objects she barks at:
-the refrigerator
-the dish washer
-the ironing board
-any shadows
-any person that runs/walks by
-cars (both moving and parked)
-pretty much any noise she hears requires a barking response

And the many places she jumps:
-straight up in the air (at abnormal heights for a puppy her size)
-onto the couch (with the greatest of ease)
-into and out of the bath tub
-the toilet's edge (BIG no no)
-the trash can's edge (Once again, no no)
-off the bed

A couple of the places she is choosing to explore, like the toilet and trash can, are starting to test me, but I love her so much that its hard to stay angry for long. Having a puppy really is like having a kiddo. When she jumped up onto the couch for the first time, I was SUPER proud, ha! She really does bring so much joy to my life. I mean, come on, who couldn't love this? :)

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  1. Wow what a cutie! My pup has barking days when just about anything sets her off!


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