19 August 2010

Here to stay

Luke asked me to drive out to Zephyr after work this afternoon because he had run out of cat food for Bibbles. I always love making a trip out to camp because I get to see people that are like family to me. This happens when you live, work, sweat, eat, and pass out with the same people day in and day out for four summers in a row, three months at a time. :) Brooklyn made the trip with me and we, as always, had a great time. However, the best part of today's trip happened once I had hit the road to head home.

You see, I've been talking to Claire, my little sister, a lot lately because she has just recently moved back to Waco and into my old house. It's weird that for the first time in four years I'm not headed back there myself. I'm a little sad, but still more excited about my new life in Corpus and all that God has planned for me here. But up until tonight, this is the most thought I'd given Baylor.

But tonight I remembered that I would have already been gone. At this point last year, or any of the last four years, I would have already moved back to Baylor. I'd be attacking Target, filling my house with new toiletries, groceries, etc. I'd be getting together with all of my Tri Delta sisters to have dinner/movies nights or headed to get coffee at Common Grounds. It almost blew my mind for a second, because I've never been at this place in my life before. I'm not gone. I didn't leave.

Leaving camp to go back to Waco was always a really tough transition for me. When I was in Waco, I was in a Waco routine. Class, afternoon nap, something Tri Delt, talk to Luke, bed, repeat. When I was at camp, I was in a camp routine. Breakfast, rec/morning worship activities, lunch, afternoon rotation, dinner, worship, evening event, bed, repeat (include spending every waking moment with Luke within a short walk's distance of me). Transitioning between the two was never easy and that drive from camp back to Waco was always full of sappy love songs and hysterical tears. Long distance relationships are tough and it was always super hard for Luke and I to separate again. I would eventually get back into my Waco routine, but that drive was rough. 

I won't make that trip this year. Or ever again. I graduated from college, Luke and I are engaged, and I now live in Corpus Christi. I don't really have any emotion about this right now, except for that it's weird. I love where I am, I miss where I've been. I'm so thankful for the last four years and I look forward to new adventures as a young adult.

Tonight I drove away from camp, but not back to my home in Waco. My home is now in Corpus Christi and it is a place Luke visits often, a 50 minute trip versus the old five hours. The transition won't happen this year. Is it weird that I almost miss it and am yet very content to be staying right where I am? I'm such a goof. :)

{My babies out at Camp Zephyr. Luke said, "I love my girls!" Ha!}

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