25 May 2011


Today needs to be over. Is it just me, or has this day just dragged on and on? I don't feel like being at work anymore and I definitely don't feel like stressing out anymore. I could really use a vacation, but I'd settle for a hot bath, a glass of wine, and a good book. Is it Friday yet???


  1. You guys looke like a fun couple...im here to follow your adventure as a newlywed...follow me back as a newlywed if you can. Good luck on the wedding plans!

  2. Ugh I hate the days that drag on! Mine always do when I'm not looking forward to work the next day. Found you at the Tuesday Blog Hop, and glad I did am a happy new follower :).


  3. I hope you got all those things that day!!
    I love the picture at the top of your page.
    NIce to meet you from the hops!

  4. Cute Blog! I loved it so much I decided to follow! Happy Tuesday! I would love for you to stop by and check out my blog as well! If you like it you can follow back! Thanks! Hope to blog with you again soon!


  5. Following you from Follow back Tuesday-nice to meet you!


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