15 May 2011

Wedding Update: 6.5 weeks and counting!

{This is what my parents' kitchen table looked like a few days back. Invitations, I will not miss piecing you together! And yes Cat--that is salsa and a bag of chips in the bottom right-hand side of this picture. What do these items and an open laptop remind you of?}

Holy moly, where getting SO CLOSE! I call Luke about once a day to remind him what number we're on in the countdown (44 days!!). So much is going on right now with finalizing wedding details. I can honestly admit that I didn't have any idea how quickly these decisions would be upon us and now I'm swamped! But in a good way. I can't wait to marry my best friend and officially begin our married life together. :)

Here's an update:

1) Wedding invitations go out tomorrow (praise the Lord!!!).
2) The bridesmaids shoes have been ordered.
3) I'm going for my final wedding dress fitting today with my momma.
4) I'm also headed out to The Ranch with my mom and wedding decorator this evening to finalize room layout, decor, wedding day schedule/time line, etc.
5. I've scheduled my hair/make-up consultation for bridal portraits and the wedding day.
5). Bridal portraits are on May 22nd!!!
6. The rehearsal dinner is organized/planned and is going to be an awesome party!
7. Wedding music is picked out.
8. A few more pre-marital counseling sessions are in the process of being scheduled.
9. Groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts. Hmmm...:)
10. And thank you notes are STILL being written (and I'm seriously grateful for all of the gifts we've recieved, but whoever came up with the idea that thank you notes are the most proper way to say thank you needs to be hit upside the head. Just sayin'... ).

There are actually about 1,000,000 20 other items on my immediate wedding to-do list that didn't make the cut on this particular blog post. These listed items are just the first 10 that come to mind. But I'm making progress and before we know it, this wedding will be behind us, Luke and I will be husband and wife, 3 more of my awesome friends will be married this summer, and the world will continue to spin madly on. However, I don't want to be there just yet. God's timing is perfect down to the very second and I plan on enjoying every one of these seconds (even the most stressful!) of this precious time.


  1. Wow, you are doing GREAT! Keep up that good work.

    I know it can be stressful, but try to just live in the moment and enjoy it, because it is SO fleeting!



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