16 January 2011

Bookin' and Cookin'!

Needless to say, I was shocked when my mom told me on Friday night that she was headed to Corpus in the morning to spend the day wedding planning with me. For those of you who don't know this, my mom and dad own two franchises of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service in South Texas, so during tax season [January-April], my sisters and I consider ourselves orphans (just kidding momma!!). With my parents dedicating themselves to working so hard for the family for those select months, I knew that I'd be doing a bit of the initial wedding planning solo. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I found out I'd get my mom, the ultimate party planner, to myself for the entire day, let alone two days after the IRS opened. My mom is the best!

 {My momma and I at my college graduation. She looks great here, but I must let you know that she's lost about 20 pounds in getting ready for the sexy mother-of-the-bride dress she's gonna buy. She's so beautiful and such an inspiration to me!!}

We spent all of Saturday researching and marking items off of our to-do list. As of today, we are a couple of hours away from putting a deposit down on the wedding cake, we are about 75% sure we've found a caterer, we're waiting on quotes from the decorator and florist, I've ordered new save-the-dates (well, there is a new date after all!), and we've researched the heck out of wedding invitations. I'm super excited for the progress we've made this weekend!

This afternoon I'm headed to the wedding fair at the American Bank Center with my friend Sarah, a.k.a. Kubal who, by the way, is getting married almost one month after me. We talk weddings pretty much all the time. :) We're excited to go talk to all of our vendors and to meet new ones this afternoon. Our good friend Aubrey (the wedding planner for both of our weddings, ha!) will have a booth set up at the fair for her venue, The Ortiz Center. This will be a fun wedding-detail-filled afternoon!!!

{Sarah, Aubrey, and me}

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  1. Your mom so did not have 20 to lose! My goodness you both look great and so happy for you :)


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