30 January 2011

I'm pulling out my hair!

Brooklyn is driving me crazy! She won't stop barking. Spanking her just doesn't work. She continues to bark and I'm not a big fan of hitting dogs anyway. But her bark collar doesn't seem to work either. I'm at the end of my rapidly-fraying rope!!! Puppies like her are the reason shaking-baby-syndrome exists, for real. It's seriously like a phase she is going through. Brook hasn't always been like this. When will it come to an end? Will it? Anyone with puppies want to offer some advice? Please???


  1. What kind of barking is it- can you tell why she is barking... is it playful, bored, anxiety?

    Check this page out with suggestions:


  2. Don't spank her, it won't help and it will hurt by making her more anxious/loud/afraid of being spanked. http://www.perfectpaws.com/bark.html is a great link. Make sure she gets lots of walks and exercise so she's not feeling caged up.


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