03 February 2011

Moving Into "Our" Home

Two weeks ago I was scheduled to move out of my 1B/1B apartment at the end of March. Tonight I will be sleeping in my new 2B/2B (at the same apt complex) for the 4th night in a row. How is this possible you ask? Well, it's a super long story. But here's the short version: I signed a lease on a new 2B/2B that my apartment complex had already leased out unknowingly. So I received an email the next day bearing this bad news. In return and because the signing of the first lease was their mistake, I was offered the next size up in a 2B/2B at a discounted rate and was given the option to move in immediately. I said yes and here I am! I packed and moved in just 3 days. Crazy, huh?

What is even crazier to me is that I'm living in the apartment that Luke will move in to after we get married. I don't like to wish away life and I don't want to rush this time of my life, but I must admit that this new apartment already feels like his home too. I love that Luke helped me move out of my old apartment and into the new apartment that we'll share in 142 days. I can't wait to decorate a home and cook for this boy. :)

We were blessed over and beyond when we found out mid-move that my parents wanted to buy us a new washer and dryer for the apartment. Woohoo!! No more hauling laundry to the laundromat downstairs and no more searching for quarters! And then to top it all of, a very giving  person in our lives gave us a brand new queen-sized mattress for the apartment after he heard we were planning on buying one. I had literally prayed earlier that day that God would provide for Luke and I as we were making big purchasing decisions and then we were given a new mattress only hours later. His blessings just continue to overflow!!

{Our new Maytag washer and dryer. Thanks mom and dad!!}

Brooklyn is a big fan of the new apartment as well. There is so much more space for her to run around, and believe me, she does! She still sniffs at everything as if she's thinking, "Now wait a minute. This is my couch. These are my chairs. This is my bed. But why are we somewhere else??" It's pretty cute.

{Brookster in her new apt!}

Wedding planning is going well. We have found a new caterer (the one we booked last August wasn't available for the new wedding date), I've picked out my wedding cake, I'm just moments away from putting a deposit down on the linens/napkins/etc., and I'm a tad bit closer to choosing a florist. I know, I know. These things should be done already! But work has been crazy and with it being tax season, my mom is swamped with work too. How are we supposed to get any wedding planning done with all of this work to do?! I'm also being asked about wedding shower dates, which are very fun to plan. It's looking like this spring will be full of wedding showers! :)

Life is so hectic, but I feel very blessed. It's crazy to be how we can get so consumed in our own little worlds and forget how it's God that is truly in control of our every breathe. I'm humbled that He still chooses to bless me even when I'm more focused on the things of this world rather than that which is not of this world. This weekend, I have the amazing opportunity to serve as a leader to 11th grade girls at Central Baptist Round Rock's DNow. I know this is an event for the youth of this church to be reconnected and rejuvenated through worship, service, and fellowship, but these weekends always rejuvenate me too. I'm excited to get out of Corpus Christi for a little while, to get out of my work and wedding worlds, and to just love on these young girls. God is going to move in big ways this weekend and I'm excited!

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