23 February 2011

Ode to Summer (Part One)

This blog post is titled Ode to Summer, Part One because there will undoubtedly be more odes to summer before this next summer is over. :)

As I was getting out of my car at my apartment complex and thinking about what I wanted to "cook" for lunch (yeah right), I realized how incredibly beautiful today has turned out. Today's high is 79 and the sun couldn't be shining more if it tried. Instantly I decided that Brooklyn and I were going for a walk! That poor puppy is in her crate 8 hours a day anyway, so she could definitely use the exercise. We only walked for about 20 minutes before her tongue was about to fall out of her head, but I'm so glad we got to enjoy the sun for a bit and absorb our daily dose of Vitamin D.

While on our walk I began to day dream about the summertime. I mean, how could I not with so much sunshine surrounding me? I have compiled a list of a few reasons I LOVE the summer, living by the beach, etc. Hope you all are looking forward to the summer as much as I am!!

 {I adore this J.Crew bikini!}

Summer 2011, these are the reasons I am anxiously awaiting your arrival:
  1. A girl can never own too many bikinis! I begin searching for a new one THE DAY Victoria's Secret and J.Crew put out their new summer lines.
  2. Summer is one of the top reasons I love living in Corpus Christi. That and Luke. :)
  3. Everything smells like coconut! Body spray, sun tan oil, and snow cones, OHMY!
  4. I'm just happier. Sunshine makes me happy. I want to work out more because it's bikini season. And working out makes me happy. SO MUCH HAPPINESS!!
  5. The beach. Not much more needs to be said about this one. 
  6. Summer is the best season out at Zephyr! Thousands of kiddos get to learn about God's love while playing paintball, jumping on the blob, and sleeping in bunk beds. 
  7. I met Luke in the summer of 2005. I will marry him in the summer of 2011.
  8. I get to be tan!!
  9. Flip flops and short shorts. 
  10. The smell of sweat and sunscreen mixed together. I know this may sound gross, but I love the way I feel after I've been outside for an hour during the summer, no matter what I've been up to.
And these are just a few reasons. Have you started looking for your 2011 swimsuit yet?!

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