07 February 2011



Luke and I would like to introduce to you the newest member of our family, Mr. Montague, better known to us as Monte! We found him wandering the streets of Corpus Christi and to say he was a mess is an understatement. His hair was about 4 inches long and completely matted. He in no way wanted to be caught, but we finally got a hold of him and it was a good thing, since he almost got run over about 3 times while we were trying to catch him!

I immediately called Brooklyn's groomer at La Pooch, Ms. Nancy. I asked her if we could bring Monte in to see if he was healthy or sick. She checked out his eyes, teeth, skin, etc. and said he was actually in pretty good shape except for how awful his hair was. She predicts that he's about 1 year old. Unfortunately, Monte was covered in fleas and ticks. But Ms. Nancy was so sweet and charged me for a normal hair cut instead of what she should have charged me to clean Mr. Montague up. He got his ears cleans and nails trimmed at no extra cost. After a good trim and flea dip, Monte was all fixed up!

After his visit with Ms. Nancy, Monte visited the vet. He was tested for heart worms (it came back negative. woohoo!!), got his puppy shots and his first heart worm pill, and was given an overall check up. The vet said he weighs 7.2 lbs. That's our big boy!

At first, Monte was super skiddish. He jumped at every move we made. However, after Luke and I got back from dinner he started lightening up. He went potty outside when we took him (yay Monte!), did great on the leash, ate out of his new food dish, and jumped up into Luke's lap to cuddle. These are HUGE strides for a puppy that was scared of us a few hours ago!

{We already love him!}

{And of course, we still love this little twerp like it's going out of style!)


  1. congratulation's on your new fur baby! he is precious. :)

  2. oh man, he is stinkin' adorable. You guys should have a family photo shoot ;)

  3. You're good to have him groomed and take care of him but have you placed a Found ad in Craigslist? I bet some poor person is heartbroken over losing him.

  4. I've tried, but no one has reported him. :(


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