12 June 2011

Celebrating Sarah

Today, Aubrey and I hosted a bridal shower for Sarah (a.k.a. Kubal). I absolutely adore this sweet girl. She and I go back to the summer of 2007, my second summer at Camp Zephyr and her first. We were instant friends that summer, working out after our long days of lifeguarding and chatting about how similar our lives are. Seriously, let me just tell ya...
  1. We are both blonde
  2. We are both the oldest daughters
  3. We are both Czech
  4. We both played many sports in high school
  5. We both dated idiot boys in high school (blah!)
  6. We both went to Hermann Sons Youth Camp as kids (but didn't know each other)
  7. We both met, fell in love with, and will be marrying boys from Camp Zephyr (5 weeks apart)
  8. We're both crazy about our puppy dogs
  9. We like the same colors
  10. We love chip and dip
  11. We're both bridesmaids in each others' weddings
And the list goes on...and on...and on...!!!

I was super pumped when Aubrey and I decided to host the shower at my apartment. This was my first official "party" to host in this apt. I got to use some of my new dishes (I mean, come on. The wedding is in 13 days) and this also forced me to deep clean the apt. Never a bad thing, right?

Here's a few pictures from today. Not quite sure how I didn't get a picture of Kubal and I together. I know we took a few, I guess just not with my iPhone. LOVE YOU SARAH KUBALA-ALMOST-LEWIS!!!!!

{Some of the shower spread}


{Cute table decor!}

{The cute bride-to-be}

{Hostesses with the mostest!}

{Brook was super tired after a fun-filled afternoon}

Happy bridal shower Kubal!!! Love you!

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