30 June 2011

Etsy Wedding Love

I seriously don't know how women have planned weddings in the past without Etsy. I didn't only order multiple items off of Etsy to add sweet details to my wedding, I also used this website for new, creative wedding concepts. For starters, here is a list of the many items I ordered from Etsy for my wedding:
  1. "Mr. and Mrs." signs that hung on the back of our chairs {TheBackPorchShoppe}
  2. Wedding programs fans {ABeautifulUnion}
  3. Thank you cards for our guests that were placed in the napkins at each table {same as #2}
  4. "Just Married" sign {CowCountryCreations}
  5. The bridesmaid's/house party's gifts, which were cute monogrammed towel wraps {TheFlowerFairyShop}
  6. My wedding garters, one to keep and one to throw  {lolainlace}
  7. Our ring bearer's bow tie and suspenders {jbkids3}
  8. My "Mrs. Hinton" hanger, which was a bridal shower gift {DawnsCraftStore}
{Our cute Mr. and Mrs. signs, Photo credit: Journey Tree Studio}

{I am so in love with this romantic garter set!}

I feel like I may even be missing an item or two! I also did a lot of research on both Etsy and my absolute favorite wedding blog, Style Me Pretty, to come up with some creative ideas for the wedding that I didn't necessarily buy, but that I had a friend make. A few of these items were:
  1. Vintage chalk-spray-painted silver platters that listed our dinner menu
  2. A road sign with arrows pointing to the ceremony, reception, and all the cities we've lived in
  3. The adorable "here comes the bride" sign that our flower girl and ring bearer carried

{"Here comes the bride sign" and our ring bearer in his cute bow tie/suspenders, Photo credit: Journey Tree Studio}

{This amazing sign was made by my incredible friend, Cat}

See what I mean? I myself am not creative in an arty sense. I can write, sing, dance, etc., but when it comes to painting, drawing, and sewing, I've got nothing Etsy!! And some uber talented friends. :)


  1. Etsy truly is amazing! I got my cake topper from and fell in love with etsy! Everything for wedding day looks amazing!

  2. Love it! I stumbled across your blog through Story of my Life. I'm a 20-something newlywed as well who took the DIY/etsy route. So fun! Can't wait to read some more!

  3. These are super cute! We just got married this year, and I started blogging about some parts of our wedding. I'd love if you'd come check them out!

    Consider me a new follower, love the blog. Hopefully you could do the same?


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