16 June 2011

We're legal!!!

Today, Luke drove into Corpus so that we could go get our marriage license. It was somewhat of a tedious process (had to make an obnoxious stop by the DPS to get a temporary drivers license for Luke because the post office sent back the new one he had ordered), but we made it through! It felt so official to fill out this paperwork together and the lady that helped us was very sweet. She even offered to take a picture of us together. 9 more days!!!

{My sweet almost-husband}

{Pretty excited about this!}

{So soon!!}


  1. Congrats, Sara and Luke!

    And Sara - pretty sure I have the dress you're wearing in your "The Author" photo!

  2. Found you through the Blog Hop and Wow, that's coming right up! How exciting. Best of luck to you both! Try and enjoy every second of your day, you've spent so long planning for this one amazing day.


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