13 June 2011

HEB Meal Deal

Have you discovered the HEB Meal Deal? Well if you haven't, you're about to read about one of the coolest things to happen to (almost) newlyweds, college students, and large families!! If you have experienced the phenomena that is the HEB Meal Deal, then you can attest to my joy.

HEB has come up with an amazing way to feed a group of people for a small amount of money. One item is mandatory to purchase, usually the meat item. Then, there is a list of 4-5 items that you get for free with your meat purchase. Love it! There is always a meal deal option at your local HEB, but to be honest with you, I don't know how often they change it up. I go to the grocery store about once every week and a half or so and each time I go the meal deal has changed, so this my rough estimate. Yesterday morning I went to the HEB Plus in Corpus to pick up a few items for a friend's bridal shower and noticed that my absolute FAVORITE meal deal was set up this week!

 {Meal Deal coupon}

The item to buy was chicken or beef fajitas. Once you've picked out which fajitas you want, you get to grab a can of charro beans, a can of salsa, a bag of shredded cheese, a bag of tortilla chips, and a 1.5 liter of Pepsi. Mexican food, it's what's for dinner! The only items I had to then pick up were a light sour cream and homemade guacamole from the fruits and veggies section. Got to love living in South Texas!

 {About to check out with my meal deal!}

I've made many a meal for Luke and myself, my friends, etc. using the HEB Meal Deal. It's just so fun to spend $6-$7 for one meal that feeds at least four people. I will confess that the chicken fajitas this time around cost me $12.50, but this is definitely the most expensive meal deal I've ever come across and I'll be eating fajitas for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week with as much meat as I purchased!

Now it's your turn. Go find your local HEB and check out the meal deal. All of the items you need will be in one place to make it easy. But here's a tip: Sometimes they only have one type of cheese, soda, etc. by the meal deal stand. However, if you read the coupon closely, there are options and you can go pick out your favorite type of these items (Ex: cheddar, colby jack, mexican four cheese, etc). Happy bargain shopping!!

{Chicken fajita nachos!}


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