27 September 2011

Brooklyn's Day at the Groomer/Vet

This morning Brooklyn had an appointment at La Pooch with Miss Nancy to get her hair cut, nails clipped, the beauty works! I dropped her off on my way to work with the plan of picking her back up on my lunch break. At about 10 til noon, I got a call that she was ready, so I got in the car to go pick up my baby. She always looks so cute after a good haircut, so I was excited to see her! But when I got to La Pooch, instead of focusing on how cute she looked, Miss Nancy began to tell me that Brooklyn had a big tick right above her right eyelid and that she was afraid to mess with it just in case the head of the tick got caught in Brook's skin (gross). A TICK?! WHAT?? Not MY baby!!! But yes, it was true. I was appalled. Where did she get a tick?? She's an inside dog!! I don't even want to know where this stupid tick came from. All I knew in that moment was that we were immediately headed to the vet.

 {On our way home from the vet after all this tick/shots nonsense. Poor Brook was so worn out}

We got in the car and drove 20 minutes to the vet's office. I guess this was a blessing in disguise, because it also happened to be time for Brooklyn's annual shots. This poor baby got worked on a little more than either of us expected today. Not only did she get a haircut, she got two shots, a tick removed from her eye lid, 6 more months worth of heart-worm/flea/tick meds, and an appointment for her series of anti-venom shots. My friend, Libby, who is also a camp wife, told me that I should get our pup anti-venom shots once we move out to Zephyr just in case she was to ever get bit by a snake (I can't believe my baby would ever even be in this position!). Looks like those shots start in a couple of weeks. :/

{New bow from the groomer!}

Looking on the bright side of things, I learned that Brook officially weighs 10.8 pounds as a fully grown maltipoo and that her coloring, although it is most popularly known as "party" or "party poodle," is also known as "panda." She's a panda dog! And because she's getting better at sitting still while Miss Nancy cuts her hair, she got a free, new bow for her collar! Cute, huh?

{The best pup in the whole world!}

I think our baby is finally feeling a little better tonight. She's chewing on her rawhide bone and trying to play fetch with me. I guess those shots didn't make her too sore. She's been through a lot today, but I'm glad to know she is up to date on all her meds and is as healthy as can be!

As you can read, I'm slightly obsessed with by child furbaby.


  1. Oh poor baby! Your dog is too cute! :) I am glad that she is feeling better and what a cute bow from the groomers! You're a good momma to her!

  2. Poor little thing!! But those pictures are ADORABLE! she is the cutest little pup!

  3. Um, Brooklyn is my new favorite doggie. How adorable!! I can see why you're obsessed (: That's how I was with my pup!

  4. thanks for the comment on my blog. Brooklyn is ADORABLE!!!! i love your bog.

  5. oh sooo cute! I took my dog to the groomers the other week and she came back with a cute pink bow :)


  6. Awwww! your poor little girl! She looks like she made it through! Thank goodness!

  7. I stumbled upon this blog today! Super cute :)

  8. Oh my.... no wonder your obsessed!! SOO adorable! I want a furbaby so bad :)


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