04 September 2011

Summer weddings and long weekends

This weekend concluded mine and Luke's summer of weddings! We attended our own (obviously!) on June 25, 2011. Then one month later, I was a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's wedding. The following weekend, I drove to Dallas to see a college friend get married. And finally, this weekend Luke was a groomsman in one of his best friend's wedding. Three of these four weddings were those of "camp couples." Luke and I met at Camp Zephyr back in 2005, I worked there for 4 summers through college, and Luke is currently the camp's full-time staff supervisor. Sarah and Andrew met at camp in 2007 and both of them spent a few summers working there. And Tyler and Aubri practically grew up at camp. Tyler's father is the executive director of Zephyr and both Tyler and Aubri have worked at camp for many summers as kids. It's been such a blessing to watch of all these Zephyr alum grow up, chase new life paths, and fall more in love with the Lord and each other!

{Our wedding 6.25.11}

{Sarah and Andrew 7.30.11}

{Kara and Brett 8.7.11}

{Tyler and Aubri 9.2.11}

Whew! Yes, it was as tiring as it looks!! But we've had an amazing summer celebrating love and God's provision over all of these relationships. This was definitely a summer for the books!

**I must make a quick intervention here to say that while Luke and I were at T&A's wedding, the BAYLOR BEARS kicked some major TCWho's butt on Friday night!!!! I was so proud of my Bears! This game was an amazing way to start off the season and I'm so excited for future games. Rip 'em up, tear 'em up, SIC'EM BU!!!**

Luke and I have also been enjoying our long Labor Day weekend! Aubri and Tyler were married on Friday night, so on Saturday Luke and I drove up to San Antonio for the day. We love getting away every once in a while and SA is the closest "big city." We made a stop by Americus Diamonds to have my engagement ring and wedding bands soldered together, ate lunch at Panda Express, took Brooklyn to PETCO to find a new food/water dish, made a quick stop at The Container Store (LOVE!), and had coffee with some of our best friends, Justin, Michelle, and Gabi Graves. It was a quick trip, but totally worth it!

{Family road trip to San Antonio!}

{Starbucks with Gabbers}

{Brook with her first "puppaccino" from Starbucks!}

{The 3-drawer cart trellis that I bought at The Container Store! Luke put it together for me this evening. Can't wait to organize SOMETHING}

The rest of our weekend has included church and rest. Luke and I are really enjoying attending Yorktown Baptist Church here in Corpus. Worship was amazing today (as always!) and the youth minister, Joel, gave the message this morning. He spoke truth in a very unapologetic way and was so relatable (is this a word?). I would definitely love to hear him speak again! After church, I got to pick up my copy of the book for this fall's women's Bible study. We get started on Sept. 20th and I can't wait to dig into the Word with the ladies of YBC!

I hope you all have had a fabulous long weekend and enjoy your Labor Day tomorrow!!


  1. Congratulations on "surviving" a very eventful summer.

    Congratulations on your marriage as well. You were married 4 days after our 30th anniversary and 2 days after my parents 55th! Hopefully June will be a "good marriage month" for you too.

    No seriously - you seem to have a good start. You do appear to have just enough differences to make it interesting and just enough in "common" for some solid ground. And the belief in the Lord to guide you through the "tricky" parts.

    Can't wait to hear about your "adventures"

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