21 September 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Sorry I'm so late getting to this post! Wednesday is practically over. ;) Without further ado...

{Revenge starts tonight!! I have been most intrigued by this show's promotions and can't wait to watch a sassy blonde girl get revenge on her father's killer by seducing a man, teehee.}

{I've been a little extra impressed with my Nook the last day or so. New apps, new books. This little guy helps make life easier and more fun!}

{Today during lunch, I took a bootcamp class at my gym downtown. Last time I took this class, I couldn't move for about 3 days. Hoping for more good results!}

{Krylon’s 'Looking Glass' spray paint. I've been looking for a fun idea like this! I have three lamps that desperately need to join the rest of us in the year 2011. DIY pics to come!}

{Pumpkin cookies w/cream cheese frosting!!! Any pretty much any other food pertaining to fall, which begins FIRDAY I might add!}

And last but not least, I'm loving that I'm only 4 followers away from 200!! If you read my blog, but haven't "followed" me using Google Friend Connect (on the right-hand side of my blog), please do so! I would love to know who you are!! :)

What have you been loving this Wednesday? I'm dying to know!


  1. I'm excited to see Revenge too! I really like the actress and think she'll be great!

    Mmmmm those cookies look delicious! Now I need to make some. Think I'll make snickerdoodles with frosting.

  2. 200! That's so many! :) Congrats. I just started blogging... I have 6! :) This Wednesday I am enjoying my friendships! :)

  3. Very nice. I'm interested in the Looking Glass paint. Is the picture lamps you have actually painted? Like the pumpkin cookies too...to bad I can't eat things like that. Glad to hear about your move to Zephyr. Be careful of those hour-long drives each day. Say hello to Luke for me. Love you, Papaw

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog! where'd you hear of me?

    i'm drooling over those cookies. we don't have pumpkin flavored things here in south india. heck, we don't have fall here in south india, either.

    kandyce at chotapeeleeauto.blogspot.com

  5. Thank you so much for following, your blog is really nice, and yes Corpus isn't too far from here.. will follow as well
    thanks a bunch

    what I'm loving wednesday? naps between long hours of studying!

  6. The pumpkin cookies with frosting look SO Delicious! Mmmm!

  7. I'm lovin' that looking glass spray paint! Please do share your DIY story! I'm also lovin' that tomorrow is the premiere of the Big Bang Theory! Yay!

  8. I'm your 200th follower!! Woohooo!!! :)
    Those pumpkin cookies look TO DIE FOR.
    and I was dying to watch Revenge because I'm like you, the promotions looked so good.. and then my cable went out and I missed it! So I'll have to catch up online! :) Love your blog!

  9. thanks for your comment on my blog! i'm excited to start following yours :)

  10. I've GOT to try that spray paint! And I didn't get to see Revenge last night (though it looked REALLY intriguing) so I am dying for someone's recap/review of it. Did you like it?

  11. Can I come over for some of those cookies? Holy cow, those look amazing!

  12. So how was Revenge!? I'll have to check it out on Hulu. Those Pumpkin cookies seriously look AMAZING!!!

  13. pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting!! yes i would like a dozen please they look so amazing


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