11 September 2011

Warning: I'm just rambling...

So, I'm just sitting on the couch at our apartment, folding some laundry and watching Friends on Nick @ Nite. Have any of you been watching Friends the last week or so? Re-runs have been playing on N@N over and over...I'm LOVING it!! I think Luke is wondering when he'll get his wife back, ha. Anyway, my Mac Book prompted me to install 7 updates (a little behind?), so I decided to try and post from my Nook. It's not as easy as if I was on my trusty laptop, but I'm digging it. Ok, time to go fold the load of laundry that just finished drying. See, I warned you. Just rambling...:)


  1. Trying to catch up from the Hop Along Friday blog hop! Sorry I'm so late!! I'm your newest follower from each of my blogs. I'd love for you to visit them -

    Totally Reinventing Me

    Life Full of Laughter

  2. How do you like your Nook?! I want to get an iPad type of thing, but not an iPad...so the Nook seems like a good option. Minus poor posting, do you like it?



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