25 September 2011

Decorating Ideas!

Ok, friends. Since yesterday's post was a little sad, I've decided it's time to start looking on the positive side of things and to get happy again (*que Here Comes The Sun*). Since Luke and I are going to be moving into a house in the next few weeks or so, I wanted to show y'all a few decorating ideas I've been looking into on Pinterest (duh). 

{I'm absolutely in love with this windowsill. Our new house has a similar window above the sink and I will be trying to re-create this look to the best of my ability}

{I have an old window screen very similar to this guy, except instead of 8 small squares, it has 4 larger ones. I think I may paint the frame this exact color. Who knows where it will end up!}

{I am in LOVE with this office! Because our new house has 3 rooms and we don't have any kiddos yet, there is a good chance that one of the rooms will turn into an office/workout room. I wonder how Luke would feel about me re-creating this office?}

{When you walk into the back door of the new house, you walk immediately into a "mud room." I would love to re-paint and re-organize somewhat similar to this. We even have similar steps!}

{And to keep with the fall spirit, I must learn how to make one of these cute yarn wreaths! I'm a huge fan of something cute hanging on a door to reflect the current season}

What was your first/starter house like? Did you have to do a lot of work to it? If so, what improvements did you make? What was your favorite DIY project?


  1. I love that kitchen sink and window! It's so bright and cheerful! That's the best kind of kitchen to cook in! What adorable wreaths too!

  2. Oooh! I love love love the window above the kitchen! The smaller window hang is very cool! I'm also very into everything "white" right now! Your ideas seem very bright, cheery, clean and fresh! Love them!

  3. Love all the decorating ideas.. specially the Halloween wreaths!

    Thanks a bunch for joining us on the hop!

    Here to return the love and to say HI!;)


  4. @ErinThanks Erin! I really hope I can re-create it!

  5. @Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" Thanks Rolex! I'm going to do my best to re-create this look. And I too love all things white!

  6. @Angie
    Thanks for hosting the hop and for stopping by!

  7. Hi Sara!
    Found your blog through the Silly Sunday Hop...I love these wreaths, I actually want to make one for our door (it's Spring here)
    Have a happy weekend :)

  8. So many fun ideas! I am dying to try a yarn wreath! Thanks for the re-cap!

  9. Thinking I may need to make that big wall framey thing - its so very cool. Decorating, hmm ... we have lived in 7 houses since we were married in 95 ... where to start. A LOT of decorating, and I love it!


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