08 October 2011

Hinton Update!

Hey everyone! After a crazy week, I am so grateful for the weekend and some downtime to catch you up on all that has been going on in the Hinton household!! Luke has to work today, so Brooklyn and I are just hanging out at the apartment and being lazy, minus the laundry piles I still need to work on and the 3 mile run I have sworn to complete. I've been a little disappointed in myself lately because I'm way out of my normal workout routine. This all changes starting today!

House... Luke and I got an update yesterday on the house we'll be moving into (get caught up on that story here). It looks like the house should be ready for us to start moving into next week! The last few weeks have been a little stressful with working out the details of the move, but we're excited and are trusting in God's plan for this time in our lives. Be looking for more moving and decorating posts soon!

Work... When I showed up to work this past Thursday morning, there was a piece of paper laying upside-down on my desk. When I turned it over and read what it said, I got very excited!! On this paper was a travel itinerary for my very first work trip. I will be flying to Phoenix, AZ with two other colleagues of mine for a sales training seminar this December! I'm pretty excited for not only the chance to travel, but also the opportunity to grow my knowledge of this industry. Call me a nerd, but I can't wait for my business trip!

{Oh, hey Phoenix!}

Brooklyn... The pup is doing good, but she's been a little extra whiny lately. Her new favorite thing to do is to sit in front of the laundry room doors (we store her food and treats on a shelf behind these doors) and cry until someone gives her a treat. I have no idea where she learned this! When Luke has to stay the night out at the camp, Brooklyn loves to curl up in a ball and sleep on his side of the bed. I can tell she misses him when he's gone. She can't wait to move out to camp to live with her dad full time and to finally have a backyard to play in!

Travel... Luke and I are headed up to Waco, Texas for Baylor Homecoming in 4 weeks. I can't wait!! This will be our first Baylor Homecoming as a married couple, which makes this trip even more special. We're driving up to Waco early Friday to catch Singspiration Friday night. We'll go to the football game Saturday afternoon and to Saturday night's performance of Pigskin as well. I can't wait to see all of my college friends and to be back on Baylor's campus!

Shopping... Didn't you know there would be one of these? :) I haven't shopped too much lately, but last night Aubrey and I were walking around the mall and noticed that Gap was having a big weekend sale. I bought a cranberry-colored, 3/4-sleeve t-shirt (perfect for fall!) for $9.79, originally $24.50 and 3 pair of low-rise bikini panties for $2.79 each, originally $12.50 each. 68% savings, huzzah!

And last, but not least, I'm guest posting on Following The Walkers today! Go check it out! :)

Hope y'all are having a great weekend!!


  1. that picture is totally motivating...i just finished eating cookies but i will stop now...have a great weekend!

  2. We are having great weather right now in Arizona...you may get lucky! :) Congrats on the move in date!

  3. What a cute middle pic of the Hintons in the banner! That picture is motivating!

    I'm stopping by from Say Hi Sunday.

    I am now a new Google Connect Friend and would love if you stop by my blog.

  4. Coupon Spice is a new follower from Flip Flop Hop. Would love a follow back!

  5. My hubby and I are headed to College Station this weekend for the A&M vs. Baylor game! I can't wait!

    And I would be excited about a work trip too! Especially if it was to somewhere that I have never been before! :)


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