24 October 2011

Miscellany Monday

This past Saturday, I participated in the Making Strides For Breast Cancer 5K/Walk in Corpus Christi with a team from work. We wore gray shirts with our stations logos on them in pink and we also wore pink and purple leis. There was so much pink EVERYWHERE and I loved seeing our community get together for such a great cause! My cousin died at a very young age of breast cancer, so it is always very important for me to participate in such events that raise awareness and support early detection. This event was the perfect way to kick off my weekend!

{Walking and raising awareness with Jessie, Nicole, and myself}

Would you like to guess what else I did this weekend? Yes, I PAINTED! This seems to have become my weekend norm, huh? We're definitely over half way through painting the new house and I'm going to start packing boxes in the apartment this week. After spending two consecutive weekends in the new house and realizing how close we are to the move, I have found new motivation to get to packin'!

{A few of our paint colors. I'm a blues and greens kind of gal.}

And I'm getting really excited because in 11 days, I will be reunited with these lovey ladies and I can't wait!! We will certainly be drinking Common Grounds coffee, cheering on our Baylor Bears at the homecoming game, watching Pigskin, and, knowing us, doing a little shopping! I can't wait to be these sisters again soon!!

 {College roomies, sisters, friends}


  1. I love the paint colors! And how exciting to get to reunite with the ladies :)

  2. your paint colors are so pretty. i want to repaint my house with similar ones!

    go you on the 5k! awesome.

    have so much fun with your girlies.

  3. I know I told you on Instagram, but those are still my favorite colors ever! Can't wait to see the finished look!


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