25 October 2011

Tuesday's Confessions

1) I dyed my hair again this past Sunday. It's REALLY dark now, but I had to! My first coloring experience was great, but after 5 washes, I was almost blonde again. Hoping this one stays a little better.

2) I did it. I listened to NSYNC Holiday Pandora this morning. I couldn't hold off any longer! The urge was just too strong.

 {90's hair/boy band love}

3) I had a dream last night that I was pregnant. Like, 3 months pregnant and starting to show! Although I don't want babies for the next couple of years at least, it felt SO real and all I really remember was the way I kept touching my growing belly. I was in awe and in love with this baby already and it was only a dream. WEIRD. (But cool?) I'm blaming this on all the people having and wanting babies around me. :)

4) I bought a rug for the new house yesterday!! I'm pretty pumped. It's a 5x7 and I got it for $24.70 (originally $128!). My mom might have had something to do with this. Thanks mom!!


5) Luke and I have been looking for another puppy. Not to replace our sweet Brooklyn, but to add to our little family! With us moving out to the camp where Luke works, Brooklyn is going to be at home by herself most of the day. We want her to have a brother or sister to play with while we're both at work. Although we love how ridiculously precious newborn maltipoos are, we're actually hoping to adopt a 9mo-12mo. old maltipoo that is already (hopefully!) trained (to a certain extent). If you know of anyone in Texas trying to re-home their maltipoo, let me know!!

{I mean, who wouldn't want another one of these faces??}


  1. Awww another sweet little pup! I always think about getting another one but kids will be coming relatively soon and I know we would be so busy! Luckily my hubby works from home so Ernie gets daddy time! Can't wait to see your dark hair!

  2. Yay for another new addition maybe! :) Post some pictures of that gorgeous new hair of yours!!

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