10 October 2011

Tape, paint, and outlet covers...oh my!

I just got a very fun call from my husband. It went a little something like this...

Luke: Hey wife.
Me: Hey babe. What's up?
Luke: BJ and I have been walking through the house for the last hour and a half. I'm making a list of all the things we need to get taken care of before the house is ready for move in.
Me: Oh really? What's on the list?
Luke: Paint tape, caulk, foam, cabinet hinges, outlet covers, paint...
Me: Whoa, cool!
Luke: Yeah. Do you know what color paint you want for the different rooms?
Me: Umm...

The answer to that last question sort of turned into an entirely seperate conversation, but the important thing is that we're down to the last little details before move-in begins!!! Paint will be purchased soon, which means painting will begin soon. I will probably be looking at some paint samples by this evening. :)

{Where does one begin??}

I must say, it was a little weird having that conversation with my husband. Weird in a cool way. I mean, we've only ever lived in an apartment where we weren't given the option of paint colors and have never needed to worry about details such as outlet covers. There is definintely something sexy about a man making sure a house is ready for his wife to move into! Luke has made such a sweet effort to make sure I'm happy about moving out to camp since he knows the sacrifice I'll be making to travel an hour to and from work every day. When he started listing all the little details he was taking care of, I giggled outloud to myself just a bit. He sounds so husband-like! But I guess that's the way it should sound, right? He's a cutie.

I'm getting excited!!


  1. ahhh paint seriously takes a house from zero to AMAZING! Good luck picking paint colors...get ready for thousands of options! (maybe find something on pinterest!)

  2. oh that is so exciting! congrats on ur new home! you def need to post pics

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  4. This is so sweet.. I am envy as I am still in search for my other half. Can you help me with my problem? Thank you much

  5. aw yay! picking paint colors is my favorite haha! our military housing won't let us paint but I dream of paint chips. I'm a nerd :)

  6. So fun. The adventures of decorating. :-)))
    You guys are adorable.
    Love your blog.
    Shall we follow each other?
    xxxx to you! Emily of EL Vintage

  7. You're getting so close to move in day! :) Painting your own place makes it truly feel like home! :) Keep us updated on the progress!

  8. Choosing paint can be so difficult, but so fun and exciting! Make sure to paint a few strokes of all of the colors you decide on in areas that see natural light & regular lighting so you get a true feeling for the color! I learned that the hard way! LOL Good luck!

    xo, Cassandra


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