02 December 2011

Amy is getting married!!

Welp, it's my lunch break and I'm sitting at my computer at work. Blah! I wish I was grabbing a bite to eat instead, but this is the sacrifice one must make when wanting to leave work early. :) I'll be taking off from here around 3:45pm to drive about 2 hours towards my family. You see, tonight is my aunt's wedding rehearsal/dinner. Amy gets married tomorrow and I'm so excited for her and her soon-to-be husband!

{My aunt, Amy, and I at my wedding in June. Can't wait for her big day tomorrow!!}

Amy has never really been like an "aunt" to me, but more like a sister. Since I'm the oldest of my mom's girls and she's my mother's baby sister, Amy has always been more like the big sister I never had. I've always looked up to her. It never fails, Amy knows every word to every popular hip hop song out there and has dance moves to go with each one! As a kid, I remember her driving me around in her little white car telling me "grown up" stories about her life that I was so envious of. When I've had questions I didn't want to ask anyone else, I was able to ask her. She has come to every big event in my life (jr. high, hs, and college graduations, basketball games, my wedding, etc.) and has always been one of my biggest fans. I absolutely cannot wait to be there for her as she takes the biggest step of her life tomorrow.

Amy, I love you SO MUCH and I'm so very happy for you and my new Uncle Shane! I wish you two nothing but joy and happiness for the rest of your lives. And, I'm praying for no more rain until after 6pm tomorrow evening! Love you sister. :)


  1. Congrats to Amy! Have a safe trip there and back sweet friend! :)

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