06 December 2011

A Pinteresting Wednesday. :)

I've seen different blogs highlight their favorite Pinterest pins on different days of the week, so this week I'm choosing Wednesday. Here are a few of my favorite items/pins on Pinterest currently:

{These earrings are amazballs! (Thanks Giuliana, now you've got me saying it!) The next piece of jewelry I hint about to Luke will come from this Etsy shop}

{He loves hot chocolate. I love coffee. Why don't we own these?}

{I really want/need to do something like this above mine and Luke's new headboard}

{I must make these! Via.}

{I want.}

{Would someone like to buy me one that says Hinton?}

P.S. I'm leaving for a work training in Phoenix tomorrow at noon! I'm not the best flier, so if you think about it, say a quick prayer for me. I'm excited and anxious, but mostly excited. :)


  1. Prayer said! Have a great trip. :-)

  2. Looks like I'll be visiting that Etsy shop too! :) Have a fun trip to AZ!

  3. I did a similar post today with crafts from Pinterest! haha...that site is so dangerous, yet so wonderful. :)
    good luck flying!

  4. Beautiful pins!!! Love the mugs--you sound like my hubs and I!

  5. AHH! I've gotta get me those mugs asap! And I love the hint to your husband on the earrings. Whenever I want something I just post about it. It isn't really that subtle of me, is it :)

  6. Hello! Hope your trip went well!


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