17 December 2011

How could I forget Thanksgiving?!

I just remembered that I NEVER blogged about Thanksgiving! What's wrong with me?? So, here it is in pictures. We spent time with both of our families and began our own Hinton holiday traditions. Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving weekend and are wrapping up your Christmas shopping (Ha, ha! Pun intended!). If not, you better hurry. We have a week! :)

{We ate a ton of amazing food!}

{And hung out at Aunt Kathy's house}

{Took sister pictures...}

{...and silly pictures}

{We had a second round of amazing food at Luke's Grandpa's house}

{And we ended the night watching the gorgeous sunset in Portland}

{The next day, we picked out our first Christmas tree...}

{...brought it home and decorated it!}

{We packed up on Saturday and headed to Hallettsville}

{Where we helped the Martiseks pic out their Christmas tree}

{Luke and I went out to the ranch with dad to feed the cows and fish. Cool pic of my dad, right?}

{Being out in the country has its perks. :)}

{I got to play with my sister's puppies. SO cute!}

{We ended our weekend at the Festival of Lights in downtown Hallettsville, watching the Christmas play on the square}

{Love him!}

{Monte and Brooklyn had fun hanging out and are ready to see each other again for Christmas!!}


  1. What a wonderful Thanksgiving with family! :) You two are so cute.

  2. Wait a minute! Sunset in Portland?! As in Portland Oregon, or Portland, Maine? I live in Portland, Oregon and I'm going to be so bummed if you were here and I just found your blog!


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