18 December 2011

A couple of Christmas goodies for yourself.

If you're a woman who works hard year-round, business women and stay-at-home moms alike, then I'm a firm believer in treating yourself every now and then. And what better time of the year to do this than Christmas? There are sales all over the place and no one knows what you'd like better for a Christmas gift than yourself! So, I'd like to make a few suggestions...

Gift #1

A couple of days ago I was reading a post by Freckled Italian (which you can read too, here). Megan mentioned that her beloved Chanel eyeliner had finally run out and that she is now on the hunt for a new one. I'm a firm believer in eyeliner, but must confess that I've never found one I truly like. They all eventually smudge, rub off, etc. So, I decided to go check out the eyeliner that has helped Megan "find the balance between girl-next-door and street walker." Loved that line!

Here she is! I bought the Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliner in Black Shimmer. No worries, there is not actual glitter in this girl, she just has a hint of shimmer. I did pay a little more than I've ever paid for eyeliner ($29), but I like think of this as an investment (must look professional at work!) and as a little Christmas cheer for myself.

Gift #2

As a newlywed, I'm always trying to find a balance between sexy lingerie and a t-shirt+boxers (Both can be appropriate, but hey, I'm a newlywed. We've got a reputation to uphold, right ladies??). I was at Victoria's Secret yesterday and came across this little romper. So cute, right? I love the perfect balance between pjs and lingerie. It is seen here in pink, but I bought it in teal.

If you're looking for a little somethin', somethin' for yourself (and the hubs!), I totally recommend this silky sleepwear!

So, will any of you buy yourself a Christmas present this year? If so, what will you purchase? I'd love to know!


  1. That romper is tooooo cute ;)


  2. Okay, you've convinced me; I'm going out to look for the Chanel eyeliner ASAP!
    I think you're right, Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself! :)

  3. Haha, I like buying myself things for Christmas. I'm getting myself boots this year and maybe a purse. But next year when I'm married ill be heading to Victoria's secret ;)

  4. Great choices...I need some new running shoes and workout clothes!

  5. I am the worst at going Christmas shopping and coming home with loads of stuff for myself. It's so hard to pass up all the deals this time of year. This year I've been pretty good about it, seeing as how I'm on a student budget once again. Hard adjustment after working full-time for the past 2 years. Maybe it's a good thing!

  6. Hey girl I'd love for us to button swap!


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