15 January 2012

I am not crafty, but I made a craft.

I am so not crafty. Because God did not bless me with this particular skill, He gave me artsy, crafty friends like Aubrey and Cat (whole I solely rely for all house decorating ideas!). However, I have managed to find a DIY pin on Pinterest that seemed harmless enough, put my own spin on it, and viola! I completed a craft!!! And it doesn't look half bad, if I do say so myself. Check out my new jewelry board:

So, here's how this little project went down. I have had this old cork board since I was in high school. Many pictures, special notes, dried flowers, and awards have hung from this old guy, but as of the last year or so, I haven't had any need for him. I also have a ton of necklaces that had yet to find their home in the new house and I had been trying to decide how to organize them. Enter Pinterest.

I had seen a pin on Pinterest using a cork board as a jewelry holder, but it used a patterned fabric to bring life to a cork board. I chose scrap booking paper instead, which I found super easy to work with (and super cheap!). My husband bought me some white spray paint and push pins and I went to town!

First, I spray painted the frame of the cork board. This took 2-3 layers of paint to finally look completely white.

After the board was dry, I laid down the scrap book paper and positioned it the way I liked. Using a miniature stapler, I stapled down the paper strategically so that the staples didn't really show, but the paper was securely fastened.

Next, I laid out my jewelry on the board to make sure it all fit. Then I attached the push pins in their proper position. Luke helped me hang the final project on the wall in our bedroom next to my side of the bed. Once it was hung, I put my jewelry on it!

This project turned out so much better than I imagined! Now, I know this may not be the most difficult DIY project you've ever seen, but hey--it's me! I love the way it turned out and I'm proud to see something I created hanging on the wall. Plus, I think the total project cost less than $10. Woohoo!!


  1. Ha! I love it. You did make a craft, and a handy one at that. This post made me smile. Happy to be your newest follower from the Say Hi blog hop.

    We think you'd love See Beautiful too. http://seeabeautifulworld.blogspot.com/

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  2. I love this :) YAY for making Crafts!

  3. This is adorable!! way to go. I should make one..

  4. This looks awesome! The paper you picked is so cute, and I love how you used a frame! I actually did a jewelry organizer DIY on my blog, too. I posted the link below if you want to check it out!


  5. Oooh! Love that project! Turned out great! Mind if I steal the idea? :D

  6. Looks very snazzy, good job!!! :)

  7. Awe this is super cute! great job!

  8. Nicely done missy- embrace your inner creative genius ( you know you want to :)

    I think a joint project is in order soon??

  9. This is really cute! I need to make something to organize my jewelry ASAP. But there's so much of it!

  10. Love this!! You did a great job! It' super cute. Love the pattern you chose!


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