06 January 2012

That time I was given a free iPad.

That title got your attention right? I mean, how does someone just get a free iPad? Well, I did! And there is definitely a cool story behind it.  :)

In December, I had a great opportunity to travel with my manager and another rep from the station to Phoenix, Arizona for a sales training. Cordillera Communications, the company that owns the TV station I work for, sent new hires from it's 13 TV stations around the country to participate in a Jim Doyle Upgrade Selling seminar. Jim Doyle & Associates is an amazing team of sales and marketing consultants who teach companies, business owners, and TV reps like myself to increase the results of advertising. I can honestly say that after 2 days of training, my brain was on advertising overload! I took a ton of notes and soaked up every opportunity to learn from these professionals and their real-world experience. I also loved getting to know other reps that work for the same company I do, just in other states. Overall, this was a great experience.

 {I had my own hotel room for two nights. King bed all to myself = fabulous!}

{Dinner in Downtown Tempe on our first night}

{I woke up to mountains. This was a different experience for this Texas girl}

{Amber, myself, and our new friend from Lafayette, Heather, out at dinner with the entire group on the second night}

{The KRIS team with Jim Doyle}

So now, I'm sure you're wondering about the iPad. We're almost there!

On the first full day of training, the president of Cordillera Communications, who was also in Phoenix with us, took a few minutes around 10 a.m. to get all of the TV stations on one conference call. The purpose of this call was to announce the winners of the 2011 President's Club Award. The winners of this award are recognized for their many accomplishments throughout the year, may it be meeting and going beyond their goals/budget, billing outstanding numbers of new business, etc. It was announced that these winners would not only be receiving a plaque with their names on it, but would also be receiving a new iPad 2 from the company! Whoa!!! I thought this was a pretty sweet deal for those winners and even sweeter when all of a sudden, MY NAME WAS ANNOUNCED! I was floored. What? I won?? I mean, I had had a great year and I work for great people who have taught me so much and believe in me (which I truly believe is a key to success), but I definitely wasn't expecting to win such a cool award. And this is how I won a free iPad.:)

Crazy, huh? The iPad arrived yesterday and I love it! I'd like to think this is God's way of rewarding me for planting my feet firmly where He has called me and persevering through what has been a huge learning curve professionally in 2011. It felt really good to be reminded that hard work pays off. :)

{Hello iPad 2}


  1. Oooh, I like! I like it even more bc you won it for working hard. That's a pretty sweet deal! Congrats, lady!

  2. Congratulations Sara! What a great accomplishment!

  3. congratulations on your ipad! that is an incredible accomplishment! :)

  4. That's so awesome! :) Glad you had a great time in AZ!!!

  5. That is awesome! we LOVE our ipad!

  6. Congrats!! We hope to have one some day! In the mean time, we LOVE our apple computer!
    Congrats on your awesome win!!

  7. I want to win a free Ipad! :) Cool story!

    My husband was born in Corpus. He has lots of family there!

  8. You deserve that award girl :)

  9. Nice!!! Congrats! What a great reward.. I got one for Christmas... They are pretty sweet!

    Stopping to say hello and happy new year Sara!

    Angie from A Little Inspiration

  10. Gave you a blog award @ www.emilyjonathan.blogspot.com

  11. How cool is that!!! And congratulations on the recognition, too!! Pretty cool! I think it'd be super fun to go on a business trip by myself, but I never got the opportunity when I was working! A king size bed all to myself sounds pretty darn good!

  12. What an amazing thing to win!!! I'm so jealous!
    I also love going on business trips because I get a bed all to myself for a few nights :)

  13. LOVE this! Congrats girl that is awesome! You deserved it. Just became your newest follower and look forward to getting to read your future posts!



  14. I want an iPad so bad! I am considering getting one, but haven't decided. I just stumbled across your blog and am your newest follower! I love it so far, keep up the good work. I will be stopping by ;)


  15. so incredible! great story girl! and congrats on your win!
    xo TJ


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