16 January 2012

Miscellany Monday: Weekend Edition

Today is going to be rough after the relaxing weekend I had. Why is it that the weekends go by so quickly and the weeks so slow? One of life's mysteries, I guess. :)

1) The puppies got a lot of lovin' and got to play outside a ton this weekend, which resulted in some pretty sweet naps. Normally our babies have to hang out in the house without us because Luke and I are both at work, but they had me home all day Saturday. Good times for momma and the pups!

{Sleepy heads and partners in crime}

{It's tiring chasing around a puppy all morning}

{Lazy Bentley Roo}

2) On Sunday, Luke and I made a special trip in HEB Plus to buy "fancy" groceries. And by fancy, I mean not the dinky Super S in OG whose "produce" (if you can call it that) lasts 24 hours before growing fuzz. No offense OG--your Super S saves me often when I've forgotten to plan dinner and frozen pizzas are a must. For this I am thankful. :)

For the first time in my life, I made a grocery list tailored to the 5 dinner meals I plan on cooking this week. This was good for me, because I so easily drift away from the vegetables and over to the chip or dessert aisles. Fail! My list (and the husband) helped me stay focused though. One of the meals I planned to make was white-bean chili and this ended up becoming Sunday night's dinner. 


{Final product. So YUM! And only 245 calories per serving.}

{And for dessert...vanilla yogurt with strawberry granola and blue berries!}

So, the rest of my miscellany isn't necessarily weekend related...

3) I'm loving my new tennis shoes! I've been a Mizzuno girl for a while, but after trying on every pair of Mizzunos in Corpus, I couldn't decide on a pair I liked. I did, however, stumble across a pair of Brooks that felt really good when I tried them on. Luke wears Brooks and loves them, so I decided to give this pair a try. So far, so good! They give me great support and I think they'll be good for that half marathon I've decided to run in 2012!!

4) I'm attempting to stop drinking coffee and let me just say that it has been ROUGH. I've had a pretty consistent headache since Thursday and I'm not the biggest fan. I'm replacing coffee with hot tea, which seems to help a little, but it's definitely not the same. Blah.

5) I'm buying a desk!! I'm pretty excited about this. My friend, Holly, is having a baby in a couple of months and in preparing the baby room, she is selling an old computer desk. Except, it's not that old and it's cute! The desk is from World Market and hardly has a scratch. I'm pretty pumped to take this off her hands. The nerd in me has been dying for a "work space" in the house and now I finaly have a reason to remove our Christmas tree from the new office nook and replace it with adesk. Yes, the tree is still up. Don't judge.

6) Last night, a college friend of mine (Sarah!!) who knows I'd love to run a half-marathon this year, suggested that I run the the Rock-N-Roll Nashville half-marathon with her. And I'm seriously considering it! I have a $100 voucher for Southwest that must be used this year, so why not?? Plus, this race benefits St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the charity that mine and Sarah's soroity raised money for while we were in college. I don't know if I'll be ready by the end of April, but Sarah passed along her training schedule, which starts in February. Hey, you've got to set goals, right? Now is as good of a time as any!

Hope everyone has a blessed Monday!!


  1. I agree - weeks go by sooo much slower than the weekends. I've thought the rock and roll half marathon looks really fun - you should do it!

  2. Go for the Nashville RnR- it is a blast! I ran 7 RnR events last year & Nashville was one of my favorites. I think it's a Saturday run, so you can go out and party on Broadway that night :) Also- be prepared for some hills- you might want to do some training on a treadmill to prepare. Here is my recap http://www.clickthegoodnews.com/2011/05/23/nashville-country-music-marathon-recap

    Also, FWIW, some of the RnR's are controversial since very little (none?) of the registration fees go towards the charity- only individual donations raised by runners typically go towards the cause.

    I think you can start training now and be ready for it April though- good luck!

  3. Sounds like a great, relaxing weekend :)

  4. oh my gosh I cannot imagine life without HEB!!!!!!! that is so sad! and I have been trying to meal plan too and only follow my strict list, it is hard hehe

  5. I want to do a marathon too! Getting stuff from your friends is the best. Right?

  6. I'm currently "new running shoe" shopping. I'm training for a 10k and plan to complete a half-marathon before July. Good luck! :)

  7. Your new shoes are sooo cute! I love the color. Also, I hear ya..why do weekends just zoom by and weeks go sooo slow? Hope you have a great week!!

  8. Ahhh your pups are too cute! I cannot get over how adorable Bentley is! I want one just like him! NO coffee?! I could never! Way to go girl!

  9. SOunds like my type of weekend! Definitely an encouragement to live healthier on the weekend and not just indulge.. :)


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