11 January 2012


I have new motivation to start prepping for bikini season. It's only January, you say? Well, it takes me a while (ha!). Plus, I've had a series of motivational events occur, which in turn has pumped me up. It's time to start thinking about Summer 2012!

A couple of days ago, a sorority sister of mine posted on her Facebook about Needtobreathe's newest album and how this was the perfect music to listen to while working out. I had just been thinking about how it was time to update the workout playlist on my iPod (thanks for the tip Natalie!), so I decided to take the chance and buy the album. I've only listened to a couple of songs, but I'm already loving this music. Time to get on that treadmill!

Today was gorgeous! There is nothing like a high of 75 and abundant sunshine to make you want to skip work and lay out on the beach instead (this girl is TOTALLY dreamin')!! So, I settled for the sunroof down while I drove around town this afternoon. It was blissful!

So, after I had discovered new workout music and was teased by South Texas' bipolar winter weather, I bought a salad for lunch. Whhaaattt?! Shocking, I know. Don't worry, I didn't make it too healthy. It was from McDonalds, after all. All joking aside, it was a yummy salad! I may buy another sometime. :)

Besides working out and eating healthier, I've been thinking about little ways that I can take better care of my body. I drink way too much coffee and diet coke. I'm sure the amount of caffeine that my body thinks it needs to function is abnormal. So, I've decided that one small cup of coffee in the morning before work is all I get. I knew that this decision would be difficult, so I decided to buy myself a prize to reward good behavior. Check out this guy:

It's a Brita water bottle! There is a filter inside so that I can get water from the water fountain at work and it will be filtered before I drink it. Cool, huh? With a fun water drinking system, I'm going to trick my mind into thinking that water > coffee. Wish this addict luck. :)

And last, but not least, I need new running shoes. Badly. I've had mine for over 3 years and they are worn out. I love them, but it may be time to retire the old Mizzunos for a new pair. I won a little competition at work which resulted in an unexpected $100 prize. Cha-ching! New running shoes will hopefully be purchased shortly. I'm thinking about these:

Plus, remember that half marathon I decided to run in 2012? I need to get going on that training and these running shoes would be a great place to start!

So, no excuses ladies! It's time for this blogger to get out of the winter funk and start a more consistent workout/healthy eating routine. I have new workout music, sunshine, a super cool water bottle, and hopefully some new running shoes in the near future. 2012 bikini body, here I come!

{I'm hoping that by setting this goal "out loud" on the blog, it may actually motivate me to stick with it. If you set no goals, you'll reach them every time, right?}


  1. It was a beautiful day here today, and I should of taken advantage of it and went running, but I'm at a complete lack of motivation! I hope that you are able to accomplish your nutritional goals girl :) I'm rootin for ya!

  2. You are motivating me to work better at this stuff! :) Keep going hun!!!

  3. Can I just say how jealous I am that you've got not only sunshine but also 75 degrees?! I would give anything just to see the sun for a few hours. As much as I love Europe... winter here SUCKS.
    Anyway, good for you for being so motivated! If you get the chance, throw some of that motivation my way? Thanks. :)

  4. That's a great start! new water bottle and new shoes for motivation! : )

  5. Motivating :) Especially the shoes - so cute!

  6. I'm with you sister! Bikini body here we come. lol


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