01 February 2013

City adventures with sweet friends.

{NYC, I love you too}

Last weekend, one of my best friends/college roommates/sorority sister visited NYC with her mom, mom's friend, and mom's friend's daughter. Of course, I had to take advantage of her being so close, so I took the train into the city to meet up with these lovely ladies!

{Cat and I at The Plaza}

 While Cat and her posse attended a matinee showing of The Newsies, I met up for a quick bite with an old NYC friend. Stevie and I interned at CBS News together 3 years ago and hadn't seen each other since last March. The last time we were together, we talked about Luke and I moving back to the east coast and now here we are! We also stopped by the New York Public Library to see the new Charles Dickens exhibit. It was awesome!

{I can't wait for our double date in the city with our boys!}

After saying goodbye to Stevie, I grabbed a quick cup of coffee and then met back up with Catherine, her mom, and friends for dinner. We went to the cutest Italian restaurant, Casa Nonna. It was SO GOOD! I would definitely recommend it if you're ever in NYC and in need of some great Italian food.

{Coffee on a blustery city day}

{Fun dinner atmosphere}

And of course, Cat and I made sure to sneak in a Times Square picture before I headed back to Morristown.

It was so great to see Cat in the city! The last time we were both in NYC together was Spring Break 2010!! Cat--thanks for letting me crash your vacay and spend the day with you, your precious momma, and friends. Love you girl!!

And NYC--It's always lovely to spend the day captivated by your beauty. Thanks for being a constant in my life. You're good for this girl's soul.


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  2. This sounds like a perfect day! Catching up with friends you haven't seen in a while is the absolute best. Love all those frames on the wall, so pretty xo

    1. Thanks Alice! It was a pretty great day. :)


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