21 February 2013

It's Ok Thursday

It's Ok...

...to be slightly depressed once you've caught up on all of your shows on Netflix. Now what am I supposed to watch??

...to let your iPhone run out of battery and then purposely not plug it in to the charger for a couple of hours. Sometimes you just need a little peace and quite.

...to paint your nails red. Then to immediately take the polish off because you just aren't sure you like the color, only to repaint them the same red color once again. A girl has the right to be indecisive!

...to browse swimsuit websites in February when its 30 degrees outside. I can't justify spending money on a new bikini right now, but it's still fun to have your top 3 picked out (hurry summer!).

...to skip a run or two while training for a half marathon. Umm, NO. That is actually NOT ok! But that's what I keep telling myself since I've sucked it up this week. 4 MILES TODAY! Please, someone hold me accountable. :)

...to treat your pets like they are your children. Baby talk, cute puppy clothes, letting them snuggle with your in bed. I mean, come on. They are our children!

...to tell yourself that ranch-flavored rice cakes are healthy for you since they aren't ranch-flavored Doritos, even if you do eat the entire bag in a span of 24 hours (whoops!).

...that the delivery guy from the Asian food place down the street knows your delivery order and dogs by name. *embarassing*


  1. This is too funny. But I agree on the dogs. I can't help but baby talk them, they are my babies. :)


  2. Too funny about the Asian food place guy!


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