22 February 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Mom, Dad, Emily, Claire, and Becca...I miss you guys so, so much. When I think about you guys all getting together on a Sunday, eating Mexican food, and hanging out, I get super jealous. I hate that living in New Jersey means I miss these days with you. I want to plan a trip to Texas soon so that I can hug all of your necks and tell you how much a love you. Chasing dreams is always the hardest when you have to be apart from family.
Dear Aubrey and Sarah...I cannot even begin to tell you two how excited I am to see you in just a couple of months! I am already planning our days in New York and New Jersey. Get ready to shop, eat a ton of amazing food, and see some of the gorgeous sites that have made me fall in love with NYC. But more than anything, I'm just excited to be with you. You are more than just my friends, you are my sisters, and I can't wait to share life with you again for a few days.
Dear New Jersey...Stop being so damn cold. I am training for a half marathon and your bitter 35 degrees/feels like 12 degrees is killing my long Saturday runs. And I I want is to wear a dress without tights. Pleeeeease?!
Dear Farica...It was so great catching up with you this week! I love that even though we're many, many miles away from each other, we can hop on the phone and laugh the way we used to on your front porch. I miss those nights of just hanging out and being there for each other. I value your friendship so much girl. And someday, I'll figure out which time zone you're in! ;)
Dear Luke...I feel like I haven't seen you all week. I can't wait for this weekend so that we can spend some time together again. Let's go to Tito's for some chips and guac, k? You smelt so good when I hugged you this morning before you left for work. Sometimes I still can't believe God let me marry you. I love you so much!
Dear Weekend...thanks for being a contant. I will still have to do a little work while you're here, but there is something about working on the weekend that is a little less rushed and a little more relaxed.  I just love the way you remind me to take it easy every so often and to enjoy the little things, like sleeping in, hot apple cider, cozy blankets, and time with my little family.


  1. Super cute blog! Yall made such a big move from Texas. I moved to Oklahoma and sometimes I feel far away!

  2. Thanks Veronia! It was definitely a big move, but we're liking it!

  3. oh my gosh 35 degrees, brr!! that would make it hard to train for sure!!

  4. These letters truly spoke to me... It is so nice to have someone going through the same adventures we are and knowing its okay to miss family so much but go after dreams. I can't wait to wear a dress without tights too! Lol... Thank you for inspiring me! And being there when I made one of the biggest decisions in our lives... :)


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