07 February 2013


Working from home today and for the next 3 weeks. So excited! Don't get me wrong, I have a ton of work to do and will continue to stay really busy, but I've done nothing but travel for work the last 5 weeks and I'm TIRED. Bring on the Keurig coffee, comfy clothes, and furbaby snuggles!

Training for my second half-marathon, the 10th Annual More Fitness Women's Half Marathon. I'm trying a new training plan this time around and I'm really liking it! I'm not so sure how my long run is going to go this weekend with so much snow on it's way. :)

Monitoring the weather over the next 72 hours. They are calling this blizzard "Snowstorm Nemo." Where Luke and I live shouldn't see more than about 6 inches of snow, but it looks like the northeast coast could get anywhere from 2-3ft. CrAzY! Can you imagine the flight delays, road closures, and power outages? Please keep the northeast in your prayers. 

Praising the good Lord because we sold Luke's car!! His car was left in Texas after we moved because you just don't need two cars where we live. But that extra car payment + insurance on a car we weren't driving was hurting us. It took 3 months and a few days, but we're so happy to have a little financial relief!


Patiently awaiting spring. I mean, seriously. I need some sunshine in my life! I can't help but look at all of the spring fashions all over Pinterest. Spring means that summer isn't too far along and soon we'll be eating on quaint little tables outside the cafes. I sure hope that the ground hog not seeing his shadow really does mean better weather is around the corner sooner than later!

Paying bills. It's just that time of the week y'all. #sonotmyfavoritething #canyouusehashtagsinablogpost?

What are you currently up to?


  1. Oh I'm jealous--I love working from home! And I can't wait for spring, either!

    1. Yes, working from home definitely has its perks! :)

  2. Yuck to the snow - we are supposed to get a big snow storm too!!! But tonight/tomorrow

  3. Welcome to one of your first "snowstorms!" Hope you got your bread and eggs ;)

    1. Umm, does wine and chocolate count?? ;)


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