13 March 2013

On friendship.

{Capuccino heart}
For some reason, I can't seem to fall asleep before 1 a.m. anymore. I know, this this terrible for my health and productivity the next day, but what can I do? Drink less coffee. Yeah, like that's going to happen. :)
So on nights like tonight, when I'm still awake, I do a lot of thinking. And tonight, I'm thinking about friendship. I've been blessed to have many true friendships in my life. From middle school, to high school, to college, and into adulthood, I've been blessed to really connect with girls that I would consider to be in that, "friends are the family you choose" category. Shout out to muh laayydies! You know who you are.
One of the characteristics of this type of friendship is that we can not see or talk to each other for days, weeks, or months, but as soon as we reconnect, it's as if we never left off. I love that this is the case, but don't you just hate the "left off" part? I know I do. Sometimes I don't even recognize that it is happening until it is too late.
Earlier tonight I texted breifly with one of these friends. It's her birthday today and I wanted to let her know I was thinking about her. We're 13 days apart in age, so I could never forget her bday. But our texts led to, "When did we disconnect?...I miss you...We need to change this...I'd really like that!" This made my heart both happy and sad. I hate that even for a moment, God would bless me with such awesome friendships and I haven't done my best to protect that. This is getting fixed, stat!
I guess tonight's 1 a.m. challenge to myself is to continue trying to be the best friend I can be. Seriously, it doesn't get much better than childhood best friends, college roommates, and summer camp staff friends turned family. I never want to take these gifts for granted.  

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