04 March 2013

Weekend Recap.

1) Felicia and Aubrey texted me this precious pic of Harper while they were shopping at Target on Saturday. Look at that baby fur vest! Of course, I was super jealous that I couldn't be hanging out with them.
2) Where do displaced Texans go for dinner on Texas Independence Day? Texas Roadhouse, of course!
3) Margarita to celebrate previously mentioned holiday.
4) Fro-yo after dinner. We were pretty much fatties on Saturday night. :)
5) I was SO PUMPED that the sun was out on Sunday!! Never mind that it was still 39 degrees outside. I can't remember the last time I saw that amount of sunshine. Please hurry summer!
6) I lost my Trader Joe virginity on Sunday afternoon. Never will I ever shop for groceries at Kings again. How have I lived without this store in my life for almost 26 years??
7) Don't you think I could be on the Desperate Housewives of NJ? Sweeping the kitchen in leggings and my Tory wedges? Nah, I don't think any of those ladies know what a broom is, ha!
8) Bought new gerber daisies for the kitchen and my work desk.
9) Zucchini boats for dinner on Sunday night. Blog post to come!

Hope you had a fun and restful weekend. Here's to a great week!


  1. I'm so glad you found a Texas Roadhouse to celebrate! It's the little things that make you feel closer to home ;)

  2. Ahhh...I wish we had a Texas Roadhouse close to us! You're making me crave their rolls! :)

    1. Their cinnamon butter is the best, right?!

  3. super cute photos! instagram is the best!


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