10 March 2013

Our first hometown parade.

We live in a very Irish town, full of history and tradition. So when we heard that Morristown's St. Patty's Parade was happening this weekend, we knew we needed to check it out! 

Saturday's weather could not have been more beautiful, or more perfect for a parade! The sun was shining and I even took off my jacket because I was getting hot (PTL!). The streets of Motown filled up quickly, with people of all ages trying to claim a good parade-viewing spot. Vendors were selling hot pretzels, hotdogs, and St. Patty's accessories (necklaces, hats, etc). I think the pups enjoyed being out and about even more than Luke and me! Brooklyn and Bentley were the center of attention of both adult and kids. We probably had 20 different people stop and pet them! Of course, they couldn't get enough attention. :)

{Yikes! This guy took dressing up for St. Patty's to a whole new level!}

We had so much fun at the parade and really enjoyed having so many people hanging out in our little town. Apparently after the parade, everyone goes to the bars and drinks green beer the rest of the day, but we opted for afternoon naps and a little relaxation.

Hope you had a nice weekend!


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