07 July 2013


I'm feeling particularly blessed today. Mine and Luke's move to Jersey has not always been easy. We've missed our friends and family in Texas and continue to miss them. There were definitely some growing pains that came with our new work schedules, new life routines, finding a church, and making new friends. And we still feel these pains from time to time. 

But today, I was reminded how grateful Luke and I are for...
  • The church family we've found at Liquid Church and for the pastors and friends that have loved on us from this place. 
  • The friends that Luke and I have made through the company we work for. A lot of people will tell you to keep your personal and professional lives separate and I agree with that to a certain extent, but Luke and I have built some great friendships with a few of our colleagues here in Jersey and I'm thankful that these friendships can bloom outside of our office walls.
  • Our precious dog walker who loves our babies like her own and shows up during puppy emergencies when she doesn't have to (Bentley had a run-in with a fishing hook this weekend). She loves the Lord and this shows in the way she takes care of us. We are SO blessed by her!
  • The little things...Our sweet neighbors that stop to say hello and pet our pups as we pass each other walking in and out of our apartment building, friends and family that continue to call and check on us from 1800 miles away, and the way that with each passing day, mine and Luke's relationship grows stronger as we walk this adventure together. 
You won't hear me say this often, but I'm thankful for New Jersey. Looking back, I wouldn't change our decision to move for anything. God knew what He was doing when He opened this door for Luke and I to walk through and so much growth was required from both of us. I've cherished these last 9 months, the good and the bad, and I'm excited for what His perfect plan holds for our future.

Thank you, Lord, for this adventure and Your many, many blessings each and every day.

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