03 July 2013

Our 2nd anniversary trip, Pt. 3

On our last day at Sweetwater Farm B&B and Grace Winery, we took our time waking up and getting to breakfast. Since check-out was at noon, we wanted to make the most of the last few hours of our anniversary weekend.

Once again, breakfast was wonderful. Scrambled eggs, tomatoes, and caramelized onions on an english muffin and coffee. Seriously, I've got to get better at cooking breakfast, ha! After breakfast, we took a walk through the vineyard. It was so fun to see the grapes growing, even if they weren't ready to pick. 

After our walk, we went back up to our room and finished packing. But before we said goodbye to our anniversary/getaway weekend, we had to stick with tradition and take our 2nd anniversary picture! We decided to take this one in front of the red barn where we did our wine tasting the first afternoon. 

I'm so glad that Luke and I decided to spend a weekend away from New Jersey and everyday life to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Someday, trips like this won't be easy. I've cherished so much these first two years that Luke and I have had as husband and wife without kids or too many big commitments. I know that someday I'll look back on these early years and be so grateful that we took the time to invest in each other and just be "us."

If anyone is ever looking for a cute place to stay with your husband/wife, get the family together, or even have a fun girls' weekend in or near Glen Mills, PA, we definitely recommend Sweetwater Farm B&B! :)


  1. Happy anniversary! Spending time together as a married couple is so special & important. Especially before the babies arrive & schedules get too crazy. Love the idea of taking pictures on every anniversary. Too cute.

    1. Thanks girl!! We definitely had a good time and we blessed to have the opportunity to get away for just a bit. :)


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