04 July 2011

4th of July Weekend and 1 Week of Marriage

This 4th of July weekend was much needed for the Hintons. After a whirlwind wedding weekend last week and having to go back to work immediately after, we were pumped to have a 3-day weekend all to ourselves to just cozy up in the apartment, chill out, and celebrate having being married for a whole week (not too monumental for most, but we love it!).

Luke didn't get home until almost 9pm on Friday night, but being the impatient committed wife that I am, I still cooked him dinner. I decided on chicken alfredo with bow tie pasta, broccoli, and sun-dried tomatoes. I made a little garlic bread too! In the past, I haven't been one for much cooking, but I'm definitely trying. It helps to have a super cute husband who is always hungry and up for anything. He told me he liked it, so I was content. :)

{Friday's dinner. It was yummy!}

On Saturday, we did a lot of nothing and it was WONDERFUL! We slept late, hung out by the pool at our apartment, watched TV, and then went on our first date as husband and wife to Grimaldi's. There was a lot of good food this weekend.

{Our little family hanging out at the pool. Even Brooklyn jumped in!}

{Playing in the pool}

{He loved his pesto/pepperoni/italian sausage pizza on our date}

On Sunday, we went to church with Aubrey and Pam and then to lunch at McAlister's. After lunch, we made a quick trip over to Luke's uncle's house so that he could pick up a surf board because our next stop was the beach! Luke, Aubrey, and I met up with a group of the Zephyr staff in Port A. We laid out, listened to 80's pop, and played in the gulf. I felt pretty special when Luke asked me if I wanted to swim out into the gulf with him and ride the surf board in. If you ask him about the last time I tried to "surf," he'll tell you a story about how I almost killed us, ha! But we had a great time and no one died. :)

{Driving to Port A!}

{Life is good}

{My handsome surfer husband}

That night, Luke stayed out at the beach until 11:30pm while Aubrey and I went back into town to go see a movie. We saw Monte Carlo. I know, I know, don't laugh. But we wanted to see a chick flick and this was really our only option. It was pretty cute and we made sure to giggle like 13-year-olds when the cute boys were on screen. :)

In honor of having Monday off, Luke and I slept in late again. Glor-i-ous!!! We spent a few more of our wedding gifts cards and bought curtains for the apartment (something we've NEEDED for a LONG time). Luke hung them up this afternoon and I'm loving them! I also did a little more laying out by the pool and worked on more thank you notes from the wedding. I was a little bummed when Luke had to leave to go back to camp (and may have even teared up). It's so hard to be newlyweds and have to live an hour apart during the week. :( But I plan on going out there in a couple of days to watch the fireworks, which makes me feel a little better. I can't wait for the summer to slow down in August because this means that Luke and I will be on somewhat of a more regular life schedule AND it will be time for our honeymoon! 41 more days until Disney!!

 {Sort of a dark picture, but the curtains are a sage green}

 {Poolside, my favorite}

Hope you all had a fun and safe 4th! Happy Birthday America!!


  1. Looks and sounds like a FUN day! I also want to see monte carlo, it just looks so fun and light hearted:) cute blog girlie! new follower!


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